There are a lot of ways to approach planning your web site development strategy and over the years we have learned what works best for the interest of the business owner, the project and the web developer. So in this post I have broken down three main components of the NovaGiant web development process however, this could actually be applied to any design project.


The DEFINE Phase

PLANNING: The best advice I can give here is realize that It all starts with planning. In addition to a client interview, NovaGiant will provide you with a questionnaire. Answering these questions will help the business owner decide what kind of site they want and what the priorities are.

CONTENT: Business owners and managers do not have time to write tons of content for their web site. The questionnaire will help to get an overview of the business facts and goals. Our web dev team can take the answers and prepare content blocks for the web site development process. If a copy writer is needed, this will enhance the quality of the final text.

RESEARCH: This is also a great time to research your competition, get to know your audience and develop a well thought out plan that makes sense to you and provides a strategic path for your web site.


The DESIGN Phase

CONCEPT: This is where the details from the define phase become part of your web site design. Careful thought and tie is put into the concept NovaGiant will provide.

REVIEW: This will give our clients a near exact representation of how the home page will look. During the review phase we work with the customer to iron out any specifics that need to be edited before we get into the next phase.

APPROVE: Once the concept is approved by the customer we can prepare for programming.

GATHER ASSETS: This is a great time to make sure an assets needed for the web site are collected. To make asset collection easy NovaGiant will provide a cloud server where our clients can upload and share files with us for the web site.



SETUP: The next step is getting your development site setup on a server so it can be backed up and running during the development process. We handle all of the installation and DNS records on a development domain so that it doesn’t interfere with an existing web site if the client has one.

PROGRAMMING: Our design and programming team work together during the programming phase to ensure that direction and goals are met in a timely manner.

TESTING & REVIEW: The development site is tested by every individual in our studio to make sure that each user gets the best experience in web site usability and speed.

LAUNCH: Now we get to see all the hard work become a reality. DNS records are pointed to your new or existing domain name. NovaGiant continues to monitor the site for security patches and support as they become available.


Whats Next…

Now that the web site has been launched there are many areas NovaGiant can help our clients grow their online business through digital advertising, social media and search engine optimization.

I hope this helps provide some insight into our 3-D process for web development.

NovaGiant Media

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